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Lady DT
Is a romantic at heart, but is sometimes far too cynical to be called optimistic. Could be called a typical girly girl except she scorns when her mother tries to make her into a lady. Despite the previously mentioned lady making, she's fascinated with noblewomen, royalty, and the lower class of various foreign countries. She lives on caffeine and is usually peppy in the morning as well as around the clock. Despite this, she's totally lazy. Her first love in life is books, followed by music and film and television would came in at number three. She's way too attached to her mother despite said mother trying to make her independent. Way too absent minded for her own good. Often wanders around looking for something she can't quite put her finger on. Her favorite words are quirky and eclectic. Tends to describe herself with those words as well. She'll probably think of more to add to this bio, so consider it as in progress.

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